Riley's Bites
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Life of Riley's ALL Beef Bites

Riley's Premium Steak Bites


Riley insists on only great quality natural ALL beef treats. He doesn't like to read through all those ingredients no one can pronounce, and who knows where that stuff comes from!

Problem solved !       Made in Canada    

Use only Canada AA or AAA  lean beef , slice , marinate* in our special blend , then dehydrate.

 It's that simple.                                       

Contents : Dehydrated Marinated Lean Beef                                                                                                       

* water, extra virgin olive oil, and trace amounts of honey, black pepper, salt 

$11.00  per 70g package includes shipping by mail                                                       


Riley's Steak Bites are REAL MEAT , ALL BEEF, NO SH%T  !! So remember a Riley Bite is 3 times as big as it looks, a little piece goes a long way. You'll be amazed at what your dog (or cat) will do for a small piece of Riley's Bites. 

 Make sure you provide plenty of fresh water for your pet.

Natural , Made in Canada Pet Treats